Замена датчика скорости ВАЗ 21093. Тазы валят

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wow wow wow
Сказочная чушь
Thanks for the video man. It helped a lot :)
My 2004 Kia Rio was driving well until it just started coasting I pulled over and it just idles I shift into reverse and drive and doesn't move. Help
Pow eu tava pesquisando corsa 2003 e vim parar aqui. Esse youtube gosta de humilhar a gente!
i watch some videos in changing FPR,do i need to remove the fuse for fuel pump?and start the engine until the engine stop.is that correct way changing FPR?but your video is different and so easy.
Алиякберов Пров
Thank you. Great video!!!
Костян нет в ютубе нормального обзора старого л200 3 поколения, может займешься на досуге?
Thank god for scotty kilmer
A ... e mestre em criar a traseira dos carros simplesmente fora de um padrao estetico da tendencia, sempre insistem em criar algo revolucionario mas que nao agrada ha ninguem e que, em poucos anos, torna-se algo totalmente ultrapassado (vide ... C6).
I needed this video
Awesome and useful video! Very clear explanations and instructions for diagnosing a car that is 'hesitating'!
Good find
nice older av
I've got a 2002 isuzu rodeo lse automatic and the starter just went out...?
Dumb question but how do u take off the green computer cable from the throttle body - just yank or are there tabs I need to press?
Thanks man that works
Это тока ... Хрущев мог такой кал выдавить для 'народа'
Попугай какой-то, а не механик...
У меня такое бывает и на холодном движке и на горячем, иногда нормально глохнет. Это в чем может быть причина?
Может кто-то подскажет у меня 06 двигатель 1,3 на холодною завожу давления масла до восьмёрки показывает,а через 10-15 секунд спадает на 4 когда уже проедиш харашо то вроде нормально,даже было зимой что виганяло масло через масляный фильтер, вчем может быть причина буду благодарен за ответ
Дьяченков Пауэлл
This is awesome. Can't wait to see how this turns out
У меня этот переключатель стал грется. Это критично?
Витал Шебенков
Every time my car breaks down I immediately search Scotty kilmer
I have a 2011 Grand Cherokee 5.7 ~90kmi -) it randomly dies while driving. was once a month, now maybe once or twice a week. The wife drives it mostly so I'm not completely sure what the driving conditions are when it dies are but I believe it's only happened while turning and braking (maybe at the same time?) - I know today it died on me while I was turning and braking trying to beat a red light and that almost caused an accident!!! Never throws a code. Never gives a warning. Never hear a ding or says anything about the key missing (have the push button start) Since we've owned it (bought 57k mi), the idle was never really smooth, even after new plugs. 3-2(?) downshift can be harsh (BANG), especially if you come to a rolling stop from hwy speeds and take back off. 1-2, 2-3 Upshifts have always been 'delayed' as though the tranny is thinking about giving you the next gear. Sometimes it cranks longer than normal before it fires up - RARELY it won't start on the first try (both FOB remote start or push start button) BUT ALWAYS starts right up when you try again. Same when the engine dies while driving - dies but then fires right up. It already had the TSB fuel relay bypass fix and I just put in a new exact replacement fuel pump relay (Omron). It does have the HEMI (exhaust) tick which I have to fix. Do you have any experience with this 'engine dies' problem and could a faulty crank sensor cause this problem without throwing a code? Originally I was leaning fuel pump but now I'm not so sure...
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