Замена воздушного фильтра Honda CR-V

David had the same problem with my air conditioning hot on one side found out it was low on Freon by 2 pounds and then everything worked fine so it needs to be done by a professional
Мартиконис Варнава
2 bo sklepy samochodowe takiej uszczelki nie mialy. co do montazu pamietajcie sa 2 rodzaje filtrow SIEMENS I BOSCH. pamietajcie o nowej uszczelce aby dobrze ja wlozyc i mocno dokredzcie kopulke filtra bo ja zrobilem to slabo i paliwo wylecialo bokiem i to sporo.pozdro
Dude this was really helpful that you made sure you specified that the engine is for these doffirent cars, very helpful man thanks!!!
Bhai ek video ameo ya polo ke radiator cleaning pe bana do, agar bottle me.rust aa gya hai to kya krna chahiye
after watching this I am getting rid of my Honda van and buying a toyota
Скажите пожалуйста какая ОЖ применялась на этом двигателе где вы пальцем показывали выработку на гильзе блок чугун я так понимаю?
у меня на таврии при отключении шланга отбора катерных газов возрастают обороты так должно быть?
Andou bacana, mas isso certamente nao e UK, hein? Lembre-se que os Zetec que equipavam os Fiestas de la nao eram Zetec Rocam ;)
Great informative video. One question, did you refit the gearbox underneath and up again with the lifting device?
Батыржан Дробнич
Ребят мазда 626 89 года 2.2 на холодную хорошо работает но через 10 15минут начинается скрипить матор дрожить на нитралке???
Умит Глемьянов
An honest review...thank you
A couple of things I want to add to your excellent video: 1st - you FLIPPED and ROTATED the engine air filter at 6:18.  That gives the impression that the filter has to be placed into the housing in a certain way... and, indeed, this is the case. 3 out of the 4 corners of the air filter are ROUNDED, however, the 4th corner is SQUARE-ish. Crude illustration (not sure how this is going to format):  TOP VIEW                    n (- clip     ^             u (- clip outside rectangle: housing To form a tight seal, the INTERNAL TOP part of the housing is keyed the same way (6:22 of your video)... 3 ROUNDED corners and 1 SQUARE-ish corner. I think of the square side of the air filter as 'thumb-and-forefi nger' side for gripping.  You hold the air filter in your RIGHT HAND thumb-and-foref inger, LIFT the TOP part of the housing with the LEFT HAND (if just unclip the housing and you don't completely remove the TOP part of housing as you did), and slide the filter into the housing.  Then, maneuver the filter so that it sinks into the TOP part of the housing (again, like at 6:22 of your video). 2nd - there is a rubber gasket on one side of the filter. That rubber gasket side should be inserted so it is against the TOPSIDE of the housing (to create a seal), just as you illustrated. air filter summary: - rubber gasket faces towards the TOP - square corner (right-hand, thumb-and-forefin ger grip) is keyed and should fit snuggly into the TOP part of the housing. Thanks for a very helpful video.
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