Замена датчика скорости Chrysler Crossfire. Chrysler transmission problem easy repair limp mode

2006 chrysler sebring with an electrical issue causing the transmission to go into limp mode and have speedometer jump around.

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Доброго дня стриляє в карбюратор і глушітєль стоїть новий сонар карб озон ваз 2101
Жаль что так мало роликов про москвич, со своим так же мучаюсь.
Mi amigo cual es el costo actual de un diagnostico como este actualmente en venezuela
Hi - how to check when getting a knock sensor code if the Knock sensor is working or needs replacement? Thanks!
I have a 1990 Nissan 300zx, non turbo, 5speed. The speedometer does not function, however the trip odometer does work. But it is totally inaccurate, as is the mileage odometer. I have had the instrument cluster bench tested and it worked fine. Can anyone give me an idea as to what the problem is? Thank You
у меня уаз с карбюратором 126н от москвича. расход 10 при 60 км часПростой надежный работает до полного износа А газ к нему еще проще подвести.
This is such an awesome video, thank you. I have a 97 E39 528i that has the abs light on too I don’t have a tester so wondering if the sensors are only on the back wheels, or all four?
That's the crazy Russian dude he does life hacks lol
Линвуд Ивуль
Car repair shops probably hate scotty lol
Пустозеров Ернар
Hermano crees que me puedes ayudar tengo un problema con mi Renault clip 1.4 ano 2004 ya le invertia mucho dinero y nadie me soluciona el problema que tengo es me queda acelerado y anda espaciado de Gaston ya limpie el cuerpo de aceleracion que por sierto es electronica y cambien el map sensor y pues sigue igual acelerado como a 1800
I was totally unaware of this?? just like you said. No one mentions this in their videos when you look it up online. I got new drums for my 07 Focus because my old set were in pretty bad shape. I installed them alongside some new shoes and lug nuts, go to take for a test drive and I’m not 60 yards down the street before I have ABS and Brake warning lights flash up on my dash. And the kicker is I didn’t test drive it before the garbage went out for garbage day. Had to order 2 brand new sensors. Wish me luck installing them when they come in. Thank you for the video
Hi, very nice work! one question how much weight does the stock calipers vs the Brembo? Regards
Алтынгуль Шишняева
That looks so damn nice
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Мафа покажи как снять датчик детонации
Меняется он ровно 5 мин не чего не снимая, маленькая тресчетка и длинная головка на 10)
Really well done video! Clear! Easy to understand! You have a calm, reassuring voice. You make it appear easy. And I love the clarity of your video tape footage.
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