Замена датчика скорости Acura ILX. 2016 Acura TLX maintenance reset

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I got a 2008 infiniti sedan and we switched the engine to another hr same as the old one with fewer miles and the car turns on but it doesnt drive pressing the gas just if i put it in drive it goes with the speed without pressing the gas so we were thinking it was the computer so we bought another computer and now it doesnt turn on just cranks i checked the throttle bodies and the first one has 5 voltage and the second has 12. If i put the old computer back and do as the video says will it work?
Does anyone know why my Zafira loosing power; very often happens that the exceletor doesnt response; the next day power comes back, and its happening again and again(thanks
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У меня на 15 хе стал врать, то 20 показывает, то 40, то 80, а еду с одной скоростью! Купил один датчик, хрен! Купил второй, хрен! Купил разъём, хрен!!! И куда теперь лезть??? На бортовике показания как и на стрелке!
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exelent video bro, I LOVE the toyota corolla to, My is 1997 & 101.000 miles and run like a champ. many thankssss
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Bidirectional functions mean you can turn on things like EGR, vent valves, etc?
Man Brian you can't seen to catch a break with these truck
I didn't necessarily go through all your tests, but considering it's just a magnet that had collected small slivers of metal and only 2 wires I just cleaned both sides and removed the spacers (one spaces was stuck to the rust anyway) on my 95 Bravada. It works perfectly. Thanks for the info it helped point me in the right direction.
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Amigos una consulta, usar gasolina regular en motor 2.0 TSI que consecuencias puede traer, o funciona tranquilamente he buscado videos pero no hay ninguno. Quiero experiencias de usuarios?
Thanks for the great video, I sprayed some penetrating oil on my old sensor and pulled it right out without breaking it. I was able to slip the new one in and didn't have to take the whole wheel apart.
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здраствуйте у меня такая проблема снял движок поменял мохавик поставил обратно машина не едет коробка акпп подскажите
4:36 does this guy speak hakkapeliitta language??
Плавают обороты, бывает на нентральку глохнет что может быть ваз 2109
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I just buy a Honda CR-V 05 and I noticed the both fans are brand new and when I turn the ac the fan kicks on but when the car reach normal temperature the fan never turns on the car overheats while in traffic and I jump the connector of the coolant fan switch and the fan kicks but I notice the person before replace that sensor for those that they sell on autozone and idk maybe the sensor it’s bad cause it’s aftermarket
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